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Supreme Secretary
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Dimitri Kostopoulos was born in Athens, Greece in 1981 to an Elian father and Thessalian mother. His family arrived in New York City in 1985 where Dimitri still resides today.

As an immigrant family growing up in New York, Dimitri and his family found solace in the Paneliakos Society of New York. The Paneliakos Society became their “second family” and Dimitri was inspired to one day serve on the Board and carry on the wonderful traditions of the Society’s predecessors.

Dimitri has been an active member of the Paneliakos Society of New York since 2010 and recently served for 3 consecutive years as its Secretary. He has met many close friends over the years with similar Elian roots through his involvement in various functions within the Omogenia and he hopes that the Panelian Federation of USA & Canada (which Dimitri currently serves as Supreme Secretary), can unite all the Elians living throughout North America.

Dimitri holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pace University in New York City and currently serves as the Controller of a major general contracting firm based in Astoria.

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